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Motorcycle Starter Battery

Voltage:              12.8v
Amps:                 40A
CCA:                     805 (Cold Cranking Amp)
Type:                    LiFePO4-Lithium-Ion
Battery Dims:     5.8 x 3.2 x 5.3 Inches
Battery Weight:  4.8Ib

*As a worldwide leader in power and performance, W-Standard lithium-ion batteries deliver up to 5 times longer life than conventional batteries.  
*State-of-the-art technology delivers 5 times the cracking power consistently outperforming the competition.  
*Top mounted color LED screen that indicates the power and amp output levels.   *Innovative 4 terminal post design for universal fit features.  
*High-tech microprocessor Battery Management System.  
*The extreme light weight battery means easy handling and installation with 70% less weight than the competition.  
*The ultra-compact size battery comes with flexible, adhesive backed, foam cut outs to ensure a secure fit in the vehicle battery tray as well as added vibration dampening.    
*Industry leading quick charge capabilities with a W-Standard Smart Charger, batteries are fully charged to maximum capacity in less than 20 minutes.  
*No lead and no acid means a safer battery for riders, installers, vehicles and the environment.  
*Tested by independent laboratories against extreme heat, cold, vibration, sharp objects and heavy weight without fire or explosion danger.  
*The maintenance free battery exceeds international standards UN 38.3 and are independently tested to exacting tolerances and specification for performance, safety, capacity, durability, vibration, quick charge, discharge and other safety performance indicators.

Replacement for OEM Part Numbers:
YIX30L-BS、53030、YHD-12H、YHD-14H、GYZ32HL、YIX30L、YB30L-B、Y60-N24-A、YIX30L-PW, YHD-12H