Company Model Year FTHPower 1 FTHPower 2 FTHPower 3
AG Athens Multiple E-Bikes AG Athens
Aventon Pace 500 2019 FTH-JY48-11 FTH-JY48-14
E-Joe Koda FTH-JY48-17  
  Gadis FTH-JY48-17  
  Epik SE-Side Port (36v) FTH-CZ36-11U FTH-CZ36-13U
  Epik SE-Side Port (48v) FTH-CZ48-10U  
E-lux Malibu GT 2019 FTH-JY48-17  
  Malibu Stepthru GT 2019 FTH-JY48-17  
  New Port 2019 FTH-PP48-14  
  New Port Sport 2019 FTH-PP48-14  
  Tahoe 2019 FTH-SF48-14LB FTH-SF48-17LB
  Tahoe Stepthru GT 2019 FTH-SF48-14LB FTH-SF48-17LB
Emojo Step Thru Cruiser FTH-JY48-17  
  Lynx Pro FTH-SF48-14LB  
  Caddy Trike FTH-SF48-14LB  
  Lynx 36v FTH-SF36-14L FTH-SF36-17L
  Hurricane 36v FTH-SF36-14L FTH-SF36-17L
Breeze36v   FTH-SF36-14L FTH-SF36-17L  
Juiced All Models 2015- FTH-JY48-11 FTH-JY48-14
Motiv Werk FTH-SF48-14LB FTH-SF48-17LB FTH-SF36-14L
  Sleek FTH-SF48-14LB FTH-SF48-17LB FTH-SF36-14L
  Sherpa FTH-SF48-14LB FTH-SF48-17LB FTH-SF36-14L
  Stout FTH-SF48-14LB FTH-SF48-17LB FTH-SF36-14L
Magnum Terrain R500 2019 FTH-JY48-17  
  Metro 2019 FTH-JY48-17  
  Premium Folding Bike FTH-SF48-14LB FTH-SF48-17LB FTH-SF36-14L
Pedego Rear Mount with Aluminum Case (36 v) FTH-TL36-11 FTH-TL36-14
   Rear Mount with Aluminum Case (36 v)  FTH-TL48-11  FTH-TL48-14
Rad Power Rad Rover 2016-2017 FTH-DP48-11 FTH-DP48-14
  Rad Wagon 2016-2017 FTH-DP48-11 FTH-DP48-14
  Rad City 2016-2017 FTH-DP48-11 FTH-DP48-14
  Mini Bike 2016-2017 FTH-SF48-11L FTH-SF48-14L FTH-SF48-17L
Revolve The Chopper 2019 FTH-HL48-14-1-2 FTH-HL48-16-1-2
Ride Scoozy VeeGo 750 FTH-HL48-14-1-2 FTH-HL48-16-1-2
VeeGo Fat Tire
Smart Motion Pacer GT FTH-JY48-17